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MassBit's mission is to become an innovative infrastructure to make DeFi and Web3 development easier, faster and cheaper. We first look to build decentralized APIs and multi-chain indexing.
MassBit The Fully Decentralized Solution
MassBit Route
MassBit Route
We work with small API providers and validators to form decentralized gateways. Some API providers only utilize 20% of their capacities while validators or miners only do their work to earn rewards but waste other resources (data and APIs). With MassBit, our validators earn more rewards and serve numerous DeFi and Web3 apps. We also punish nodes for misbehaving!
Multi-chain Indexing
Multi-chain Indexing
Blockchain indexing is essential to DeFi and Web3 development. MassBit provides the infrastructure to index the data from different blockchains, such as Substrate, Ethereum-compatible chains and especially fast blockchains like BSC, Matic and Solana. We support indexing logic in different languages as well (Rust, AssemblyScript, TypeScript).
MassBit Insights
MassBit Insights
MassBit Explorer allows you to check the information regarding all major blockchain networks. This project will allow users to verify price, transaction count, current epoch, market cap, block and slot height.
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