Welcome to MassBit Route

MassBit Route (MBR) is the decentralized APIs of blockchain networks, helping fulfill the dream of decentralization. MBR is empowered by MassBit Verification Protocol - a decentralized proof of stake system that ensures all workers execute their tasks correctly, while also checking on each other's work to verify that everyone is acting properly. MBR offers a quick, stable and reliable service, all at a fraction of the cost of centralized networks, while also being open to everyone, with the ability to stake and receive rewards for completed work!
MassBit Route
Why MassBit Route
We offer powerful API solutions, ensured by MassBit Verification Protocol
Fully Decentralized APIs
Run by the community at a global scale
MassBit Verification Protocol
Based on Proof-of-Stake Algorithm
3.6 times less using bare-metal servers
No Privacy Concern
No one profits off of your data
Realtime Data
MassBit Route is rapidly growing
Total Number of dAPIs
Total Number of Gateways
Total Number of Nodes
Our Network
MassBit Route is available all around the world. New communities are being established daily.
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Start building the future of blockchain with us!
Decentralized API
Decentralized API
Learn more about how we can help you realize your dAPI dream.
Community Gateway
Community Gateway
Build and improve network speeds by catching data and building dynamic rules.
Community Nodes
Community Nodes
Become a node on our network today to build and start receiving rewards.