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Blockchain indexing is essential to DeFi and Web3 development. MassBit provides the infrastructure to index data from all the different blockchains, not only indexing smart contracts but also blockchain raw data for analytics purposes. This greatly reduces the pipeline length for development teams. We support indexing logic in different languages as well, including Rust, AssemblyScript and TypeScript.
Multi-chain Indexing
Why Multi-chain Indexing
The goal of the Massbit Indexer is to bring scalability and interoperability for Indexers.


We support all ETH-based compatible chains, such as Harmony ONE, Matic, BSC, ETH. We also support Substrate and Cardano. New chain support is continually being updated.

Saves 80% of Developers Time

Without utilizing Multi-Chain Indexing, developers would have to build an entire pipeline in order to query data. This includes running a node, reading and filtering raw data, indexing the data and storing it in a database, then building a serving service. With multi-chain indexing however, all this the heavy lifting is done!

Integrates With Other Great Massbit Products

This product also integrates with Massbit Route, which increases indexing performance, lowers network response time and lowers method calls to the chain while utilizing a verification protocol to detect if the indexers are working well.

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